Jesus was dead,

I saw them crucify him, I saw them place the crown of thorns upon his head,

I saw the whip, I saw the pain, and I saw the nail,

I saw the jeers, and I saw the soldiers mocking him saying, “All Hail”,

It didn’t matter to me what prophecy alleged, it didn’t matter what Jesus had said

Jesus had died, and I knew that dead was dead,

Hopelessness filled my soul,

And I realized that to rise from the dead was impossible,

My purpose, my drive, my life was no longer worth living,

Then Mary rushed in, She said, “He is risen!”

I looked at Mary with despair in my eyes,

I said, “Mary, you don’t understand I saw him whipped, I saw him crucified,

I saw him hit, Mary, I was there when he died”,

Mary replied, “No! Thomas, you don’t understand,

I touched the clothes we wrapped him in with my hand,

I was at the tomb; I saw the stone was rolled away,

I heard the Angel say,

“Why do you seek the living among the dead?

He is risen just as he said!””

I yelled at Mary with despair in my soul,

 “ I don’t care what the angel said,

I saw him die, and dead is dead!

“To rise from the dead” that is impossible!”


Could Jesus rise from the dead? Could he be my Savior?

 I replayed that moment in my mind days later,

The joy in Mary’s voice as she told me about the empty tomb,

The tears of sorrow in her eyes as Mary ran from the room,

But I was not going to be tricked, my leg nobody was going to be a pullin’,

More than likely the body of Jesus Christ was just stolen,

The disciples had said they’d seen him,

But I dismissed it as a “figment of imagination”,

The disciples said they’d touched him,

But I said it was a mere Hallucination,

I told them that if I could put my hand in his side, and my finger in his hand,

Only then would I believe, only then would I understand,

I did not care what the disciples saw or said,

I saw Jesus die, and dead was dead,

And with anguish in my soul,

I knew again, that to rise from the dead was impossible,


Eight days later the disciples gathered once again,

This time I Thomas was them,

Then suddenly Jesus stood right there in the room,

Yes, Jesus the one whom I’d seen buried in the tomb,

I gazed at him with tears in my eyes,

He said, “Thomas put your hand in my side,

Thomas, put your finger in my hand,

Thomas, be not faithless but believing, Thomas understand,”

I fell down on my face and clung to his feet,

“My Lord and my God” did I entreat,

I put my finger in his hand, I my hand in his side,

Dead was not dead, for dead was now alive!

And with joy in my soul,

I now realized that my God enjoys the impossible,

Then the tears came in a surge I could not resist,

Impossible? No! With God impossible doesn’t even exist!


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