Temptation lurked around the corner; Iniquity crouched behind the door,

I thought that I gained victory, but sin was knocking once more,

Pride, lust, and anger, stood on my porch wanting to get in,

Should I? Would I? Could I? Open the door to sin?

The sound of the knocking wouldn’t fade,

 A decision needed to be made,

To be strong, to climb above dismal defeat,

Or to cave in to devilish delusion, to be weak,

 To be courageous, to be a Godly man, to prevail,

 Or to be fearful, to be an ungodly man, to fail,

 To serve self, Satan, and sin,

Or to serve Jesus Christ, the true and merciful king,

 No! I will not open the door to sin,

I will not go into lust’s prison again,

 I choose instead to stand in awe,

To worship the King, rather than to fall,

 I choose to stand in awe of him,

 I choose to stand in awe, and not sin,

I’ve just won the battle, the war had just began,

 Satan’s fiery arrows he will fire again and again,

So I will, be strong in the LORD and in his mighty power,

 Be strong in the LORD, in temptations hour,

 For it is only in Christ I’ll find the strength to live,

It is only in Christ with the power he gives,

If you are struggling with sin,

 And it seems you can’t win,

  If the waters of despair wash over your head and it seems like you have sank,

Remember, it is only in Christ you’ll find the strength

 So be strong in the LORD for your own strength will not last,

 Godly men, Be strong, Be courageous, Be Unmovable, Be ye Steadfast,

Trust in the Way, Trust in the Truth, Trust in the Life,

 O Men Of God! Trust in Jesus Christ.