The Grand Oak


Once in a forest in southern Pennsylvania, next to a little trickling stream, towering above all the spruce and pine trees, stood a tall, grand, oak tree. The oak tree knew not to get to close to the stream because it would erode away it’s roots. The oak tree also warned all the other spruce and pine trees to stay away from the stream. Yet, the animals pleaded with the grand oak, “Please, spread your branches over the little stream so we can drink in your shade.” The oak tree turned them down, again and again, but he slowly began to think to himself, “I’m a grand oak tree, that little stream shouldn’t be able to knock me down, and besides I’ll be helping the animals.” So the grand oak tree slowly began to spread it’s branches over the stream. Following after the branches, the roots also reached toward the stream. Closer and closer the grand oak tree crept to the stream. Finally, one day, a storm came through and flooded the stream, the grand oak tree tried to stay standing but fell over in an embarrassing heap. Some of the animals laughed, “I thought he was rooted in the ground.” A Farmer came and cut the tree up into fire wood, so that all that was left, was the stump. 

Yet, after a while, a little green shoot came out of the stump, and grew into a tree, but the tree never again went close to the little stream.

One thought on “The Grand Oak”

  1. This can also relate to our time. It takes time to stay rooted in God. We don’t always need to do responsibilies (even church ones) that other people think we should add to our schedules. It can spread us too thin… and collapse.~ Mom

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