I Remember


I remember the day that I first laid my eyes on you,

I remember the day that we stood together and said “I do.”

I remember the day that I first held your hand,

And I remember the day that our family began,

I remember your eyes, and I remember your face,

I remember your arms, and your warm embrace,

I remember your love, and I remember your touch,

And I remember you, Oh, I love you so much,

And all through the years you were there by my side,

I remember the times we just sat together and cried,

I remember the meals that you made for me,

I remember the love and the discipline you showed for our family,

I remember your laugh, and I remember your smile,

I remember your hope in the midst of a trial,

You would hug the children and and grandchildren when they came to stay,

and you would wave them goodbye when they went on their way,

I remember the day when you left the bounds of earth,

I still feel the pain, I still feel the hurt,

The family gathered together when they heard of your dying,

and as we remembered the memories we all were crying,

How can I go on? Now that I’m alone?

I will feel all the pain, every time I look at your cold gravestone,

I can no longer wait till you come home to me,

When I wake-up in the morning you won’t be the first person I see,

Yet, I remember that I am not alone, for God is with me here,

I know that I am not alone for God has cast out every fear,

I know that I can go to Him with all my cares,

I can cry out to Him, He will hear my prayers,

And even though we buried you in the sod,

I know you are not there, I know you’re with God,

So if God is with me, and God is with you,

I believe that you and I shall be reunited too.

“…We shall be caught up together, to meet the Lord in the air…” ~ 1 Thess. 4:17