They sat there by the city wall, at the close of the day,

This city was their prison now, they would never find the freedom way,

They had fallen for pride, and loved idolatry,

Now the true and only living God has brought them to captivity,

They had fallen asleep in self and sin,

and now they were here, with this city as their prison.


Hark! Hear the watchman, hear the watchman call,

Publishing peace, salvation, and good tidings for all,

Awake! Awake! Oh, Jerusalem Awake,

God can redeem again, make no mistake,

Shake off the dust, and the gathering dirt of sin,

Put on the garments of righteousness, O daughter of Zion.


God is reaching down, He has rolled up his sleeve,

Break forth into joy, God’s hand will redeem,

Depart, Depart! And leave this prison,

Walk out through the city’s gates, and from your life of sin,

God will go before you, leading the way,

and He’ll follow up behind you, and beside you stay.


So break forth into singing, for God reigneth over all,

Have beautiful feet, and bring to others the redemption call,

Be the watchman, and lift up your voice,

Jerusalem sing! Ye waste lands rejoice!

For God’s hand is mighty, and He is able to save,

He came to redeem, and brought redemption when His life He gave.


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