A Tool in His Hand

A Tool in His Hand

Words of care go unsaid, and words of kindness go unspoken,

The love that once bound the family together has been broken,

Father, and Mother, Sister and Brother, all have shattered hearts,

The peace that once ruled the home is now all in scattered parts,

Others begin to wonder how this tragedy could have ever taken place,

The family only wishes that the past year could be entirely erased.


Some people tried to keep it from happening, but all attempts were in vain,

Some people talked about it all, others just looked on in pity and shame,

I don’t know what I could do, what help could I even offer to give?

Why should I get involved? People might talk. I have my own life to live,

How could I help? This problem is to hard, it is to complicated to understand,

Yet, here I am God. If you want to use me, I’ll be a tool in your hand.


God sees the family’s problem, and God knows their hurt and their pain,

God loves them still, in spite of it all, He calls them each by their name,

He cares for them, and knows the shame and the guilt that they feel,

He wants to restore the scattered parts, and their shattered hearts He wants to heal,

But who can He use to show them it’s possible? To show them His love is so grand?

Who will bring His peace? Who will be His instrument? Who will be a tool in His hand?


God, I’ll be a vessel for Your use. I’ll be Your instrument. I’ll be a tool in Your hand.

I’ll be a channel for Your Truth and Your Mercy to flow through, like an hourglass with sand,

I’ll need Your help, when I try to help, and I’ll need Your truth and love that you give,

I know the life I live is not my own, for it is in Your life that I live,

I need Your knowledge, and wisdom, to help me understand,

’cause I want to be a tool in Your hand.

If a man therefore purge himself from these, he shall be a vessel unto honour, sanctified, and meet for the master’s use, [and] prepared unto every good work.” 2 Timothy 2:21


2 thoughts on “A Tool in His Hand”

  1. Great poem Caleb! I like how you expounded on the verse using a practical example that demonstrates a courageous heart, willing to be involved in caring for others.

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