The Chase


But the Jews which believed not, moved with envy, took unto them certain lewd fellows of the baser sort, and gathered a company, and set all the city on an uproar, and assaulted the house of Jason, and sought to bring them out to the people. And when they found them not, they drew Jason and certain brethren unto the rulers of the city, crying, These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also;” Acts 17:5-6

The people in this account are chasing Paul and the other believers. Some may have been chasing to learn more, others may have been chasing to stop them from preaching. Do people chase us? Do they want what we have? Do they want us to stop because they are pricked in their hearts? Are we turning the world upside down? Or right side up? It is time to be more than just a “christian”, it is time to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. Right here. Right Now.

~Taken from a conversation with friends




Stop Living in the Barn

The old man softly sat on the stool, his left arm perched on the hardwood counter top. His gray hair fell gently across his forehead as he casually recalled, “I remember when the gas price was only twelve cents a gallon, and when people sat on their porches and conversed about the events of the day. I recall we had the one neighbor, he was quite a character, his name was Bill Bob. Bill Bob used to sleep in his barn, until he finally built a house. His property consisted of the house in the front, the barn in the back and a little, tiny, pond behind the barn. One thing unique about Bill Bob was he was allergic to mosquitoes, if he got bit by one his face swelled up so it looked more like a basketball with little nose and mouth holes. One night after Bill had built his house he decided to go sleep in the barn again, He trudged out, pink poke-a-dotted blanket in one hand, a pillow in the other, with a couple feathers poking out the one side, and a “I’m a Yankees fan” ball cap pulled down over his eyes. The barn itself was old and rickety, the paint was peeling, the roof was sagging, and pieces of hay were sticking out from between the side boards. Yet, there went Bill Bob to sleep in the barn. The next morning Bill Bob came out of the barn, his face had swollen up two times it’s normal size looking quite like an official NBA basketball. Trudging, Bill Bob slowly went to the doctor, the doctor told him, “You will have to soak your face in chamomile tea for twenty minutes a day for two weeks, and then put some green cream all over your face.” So for the next two weeks Bill Bob sat next to his kitchen table with his face in a dish of chamomile tea and a straw coming out the top so he could breath.


Eventually the two weeks were up, and Bill Bob’s face looked normal again. But four days after his swelling had went down, Bill Bob went again to sleep in the barn. The next morning Bill Bob came out looking as swollen as a watermelon, and the process was repeated over again. Two weeks after the second escapade, our family was sitting on our porch talking about the high price of gas, when I spied Bill Bob going out to his barn again, his pink poke-a-dotted blanket in one hand, a pillow in the other with a couple feathers poking out the one side, and a “I’m a Yankees fan” ball cap pulled down over his eyes, I yelled across the lawn to him, “Bill Bob, Why do you keep going to sleep in your barn when your house is so nice?” Bill Bob mumbled, “Cause I like in there.” Sure enough the next morning Bill Bob came out so red it looked like he had just taken a ketchup bath. Bill Bob went to the doctor again, and the doctor looked him strait in the eyes and commanded, “Bill Bob, you must stop living in the barn, Bill Bob, stop living in the barn!”


The man gazed again at me and stated, “I will never forget the lesson Bill Bob taught me.”


How many of us still are living in sin? Are we still living in the barn? Have we really put on the new man? Have we moved into the new house? Have we torn down the old barn? Are we still trying to sneak back in, and ignoring the drastic consequences for our decisions? Not seeing how foolish we really look. Stop sinning. Put on the new man. Don’t wait. Change can happen, now.


Stop living in the barn.


The Dryer

Imagine waking up in bed one morning, hearing the birds singing, the leaves rustling, and the sound of your dryer still running. You sit up in bed, “Why is the dryer still running?” somehow due to a malfunction your dryer kept on running all night. You practically leap downstairs, sure that your clothes are now incinerated. Upon arriving at your dryer, you open the door, you see something you can’t believe. Your clothes are all folded and sorted, your whites are off to the one side, there is you towel and wash cloth, and your jeans perched gently of to the other side.


The second law of thermodynamics says that all things run down, that things do not get better. This is why your room gets messy, electric cords get tangled, and why your house doesn’t get built on it’s own. However, the second law of thermodynamics can be overturned if energy and intelligence is present. Note: both have to be present, your room will not get cleaner just by putting your dog in there(your dog has energy but not intelligence(no offence to anyone’s dog)), an electric cord will not get untangled by putting it in your dryer, and your house will not built when a tornado goes through a lumber yard. If anything the energy would make the situation worse, which is why the dryer scenario is only possible if someone glued all your clothes together(energy and intelligence).


Creationist say the second law of thermodynamics disproves evolution, (and it does) but evolutionist say that the second law only works in a closed system, when no energy is invested. They say that earth is not a closed system, however we have seen from these examples that you need energy and intelligence in order to overcome the the second law of thermodynamics. I would also note that this world is a lot more designed than your clothes being folded, your house being made, or your room getting clean, just look at the chicken or the cow. Yet, evolution is even more impossible because it is more like, “I didn’t even know I had a dryer.” or dryers weren’t even invented. God is the one who made this world and holds it all together. If you can’t make a cow out of nothing, with all of your intelligence it would make sense that the cow came from someone a lot more powerful than you, God. Comparing God’s power to ours “is like comparing the Sun to a flashlight with no batteries.” ~ Ray Comfort. Why believe in evolution? Because it is a worldview that excludes the possibility that there are consequences for your sin. Go to

The Grand Oak


Once in a forest in southern Pennsylvania, next to a little trickling stream, towering above all the spruce and pine trees, stood a tall, grand, oak tree. The oak tree knew not to get to close to the stream because it would erode away it’s roots. The oak tree also warned all the other spruce and pine trees to stay away from the stream. Yet, the animals pleaded with the grand oak, “Please, spread your branches over the little stream so we can drink in your shade.” The oak tree turned them down, again and again, but he slowly began to think to himself, “I’m a grand oak tree, that little stream shouldn’t be able to knock me down, and besides I’ll be helping the animals.” So the grand oak tree slowly began to spread it’s branches over the stream. Following after the branches, the roots also reached toward the stream. Closer and closer the grand oak tree crept to the stream. Finally, one day, a storm came through and flooded the stream, the grand oak tree tried to stay standing but fell over in an embarrassing heap. Some of the animals laughed, “I thought he was rooted in the ground.” A Farmer came and cut the tree up into fire wood, so that all that was left, was the stump. 

Yet, after a while, a little green shoot came out of the stump, and grew into a tree, but the tree never again went close to the little stream.

Joy in a Trial

Storm clouds started gathering, rain clouds began to rain,
I was hurting, crying, in the midst of this terrible pain,
My whole world seem to be spinning out of control,
My life was shattering with no way of ever being whole,
I smiled at others, yet, my hurt I tried to hide,
No one seemed to know the pain that was going on inside.
Then I met a man, he said, “I’ve felt the pain you feel,
I’ve cried those tears, hurt that hurt, and I know it’s real,
I was feeling like you,
May I tell you how I made it through?”
I nodded and he smiled as he started to say,
“I remember that day as if is was yesterday,
I had realized that God, not me was in control,
That nothing could be shattered that He couldn’t make whole,
I realized that I had succumbed  to temptation,
and lost the Joy of my salvation,
I found that there was a reason for this trial in my life,
It’s purpose was to drive me to Christ,
So now in the midst of a trial,
It is because of Christ I can smile.”
And as I watched the man get up and walk away,
I thought about the words he had to say,
I realized he was right, there was a reason for this trial in my life,
It’s purpose was to drive me to Christ,
So I knelt there on my knees, and came to Him in prayer,
I ran into His arms, and into His loving Care.
So in a world of sorrow, with sin pressing down,
In a valley of pain, with trials around,
In the travels of this life, when burdens abound,
In the midst of a trial,
It’s because of the joy of Jesus, that I can smile.
Edited by: Mary Ann Martin

God came… …and gave.



Jesus left his throne above,

He came down to earth to show us his real love,

He left the glory, the glitz, and the glass,

and  came to give us life that lasts,

For greater love hath no man than this,

Than the love which Jesus Christs gives.

Love courageous, Love sacrificing, Love that dispels all fear,

Love amazing, Love incredible, Love that came near,

To this world of sin and death, Jesus didn’t have to come,

He could have let us perish in hell, and justice would have been done,

Yet Jesus came to earth, the lost to seek, to save,

Yes! Jesus came, and his life he gave.


John 3:16

“For God so loved the world,

that he gave his only begotten Son,

that whosoever believeth in him should not perish,

but have everlasting life.”



Temptation lurked around the corner; Iniquity crouched behind the door,

I thought that I gained victory, but sin was knocking once more,

Pride, lust, and anger, stood on my porch wanting to get in,

Should I? Would I? Could I? Open the door to sin?

The sound of the knocking wouldn’t fade,

 A decision needed to be made,

To be strong, to climb above dismal defeat,

Or to cave in to devilish delusion, to be weak,

 To be courageous, to be a Godly man, to prevail,

 Or to be fearful, to be an ungodly man, to fail,

 To serve self, Satan, and sin,

Or to serve Jesus Christ, the true and merciful king,

 No! I will not open the door to sin,

I will not go into lust’s prison again,

 I choose instead to stand in awe,

To worship the King, rather than to fall,

 I choose to stand in awe of him,

 I choose to stand in awe, and not sin,

I’ve just won the battle, the war had just began,

 Satan’s fiery arrows he will fire again and again,

So I will, be strong in the LORD and in his mighty power,

 Be strong in the LORD, in temptations hour,

 For it is only in Christ I’ll find the strength to live,

It is only in Christ with the power he gives,

If you are struggling with sin,

 And it seems you can’t win,

  If the waters of despair wash over your head and it seems like you have sank,

Remember, it is only in Christ you’ll find the strength

 So be strong in the LORD for your own strength will not last,

 Godly men, Be strong, Be courageous, Be Unmovable, Be ye Steadfast,

Trust in the Way, Trust in the Truth, Trust in the Life,

 O Men Of God! Trust in Jesus Christ.